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Shut Up

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Hi there. I'm worried about something. Oh well.
* * *
I work 12 hour days some days.
I get 2 hours of sleep most nights.
I am wholly and completely in love with life right now.
I think that everyone and everything is amazing.
I am in awe.
I love Paul, too.
* * *
Well, I went grocery shopping just now. Here is a complete list of what I bought:

Organic Valley Soymilk (original)- one half gallon
Knudsen's Mixed Vegetable juide- one bottle
Organic Spinach- one bag
Annie's Natural Sea Vegetable and Sesame salad dressing- one bottle
Snap Pea crisps- one bag
Salt and Vinegar soy crisps- one bag
Black and Green Organic Espresso Chocolate- one bar (gift for Paulo)
Tamari Roased Almonds- one quarter pound
Nature's Gate Organics lemongrass and sage shower gel- 12 oz
Desert Essence Tea Tree and Awapuhi Face wash- 8 oz
Kiss My Face obsessively organic green tea and lime shampoo- 11oz
K.M.F. oo organic green tea and lime conditioner- 11oz

Yeah, you best believe that everything I bought is organic and 100% free of animal products. Tom said that we have "one healthy looking fridge" now.

I love grocery shopping. But not as much as I love my SF employee discount.

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accomplished accomplished
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Band of Horses
* * *
Luis told me to update. I am now updating. I don't remember last time I updated. Well I just checked and it was just before thanksgiving. I guess here's what's happened since then.
1) I am working full time at Strawberry Fields. Hailed as the best barista. Kick ass every day.
2) I got a wooden spoon and a large mixing bowl for Christmas.
3) New Years eve was fun. I drank a whole lot of Jack Daniel's and don't remember riding in a Taxi Cab.
4) My band played some shows. Good ones were Ft. Wayne, IN and Chicago, IL. Bad ones were Terre Haute, IN.
5) I learned how to make chicken-fried seitan.
6) Rediscovered my love for fine scotches.
7) I like NPR.
8) Ummm.
9) I'm going to Georgia tomorrow. For a military ball.


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anxious anxious
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NPR All Songs Considered for March 23, 2006
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Well so I didn't go home today and am still in Urbana on this Thanksgiving-eve. Yeah I'm supposed to be in Q-town but I guess that's not happening tonight. I guess I was never informed that "We can leave whenever you want" really means "I'm leaving without you".

So here was my day:

4am-be awoken by dog chewing on bone.

4am-5.30-try to fall back asleep, unsuccesfully, reset alarm for 6am

6.30-wake up from falling asleep briefly, realize I do not have time to pack, freak out because I'm going to be late to work

7am to 3.30pm-work the shitty cashier position. Spend all breaks knitting to finish hat that I thought I could give to recipient tonight. Hate my life, but get excited to go home near the end of my shift.

3.36pm-check voicemail. 2 are present from ride home, saying he is leaving at noon. FREAKOUT because it's way past noon. Call Ben, who is luckily on the way to my house already, for ride to ride's house.

3.45pm- Get to ride's house, ride has LEFT WITHOUT ME.

4-6pm- Try to will self to die, try to figure out how the fuck to get home, call mom for help, get asked "Why are you calling me?", find ride as far as Springfield tomorrow. Convince father to pick me up in Springfield at 10am tomorrow.

6pm-10pm- Coffee, cigarettes. Feel some better.

10-11pm- Bagel, water, feel terrible, try to call Sarah (unsuccesful).

That's all.

Listening to: Andrew Bird

Feeling: Exhausted
* * *
* * *

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Screeching Weasel
* * *
We totally rocked Quincy harder than they are used to. We played with two screamo bands. Haha. Screamo/metalsomethingcore/stuff that has "breakdowns" is pretty popular with the 16 year old girls in Quincy now I guess. But anyway. We recieved rave reviews and money enough to indulge ourselves in some adult beverages. Went to the 18 Wheeler for breakfast this morning. Cassano's for dinner last night. Basically, it was amazing. Redmedic is playing here with us on Friday. Nobody reads this, but if you are reading this you should come to the McKinley Foundation on 5th and John on Friday the 4th of November at 6.30pm for a punk rock punk rock punk rock plus the Cockblocks plus Redmedic show. Come and pay $5 to get in so we don't have to pay our touring bands out of our own pocket! $5 for 7 bands is CHEAP AS HELL so you should definently come.
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chipper chipper
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I Want to Be a Homosexual
* * *
So last night's show was basically the shit. We didn't play a perfect set but we played a set that I was not embarrased of. I dressed up like a racoon. Someone yelled "get naked I know you do that" and that made me angry a little bit but I guess it's the truth and all my fault. For some reason I started getting really sad after the set (I think I was caffeine crashing cos I drank a 2shot redeye before our set) and that sucked but then I had a beer and that made me feel better. Drank more beers, told stories, listened to funny metal band, drank more beers, saw Roberta Sparrow (awesome), more beer, then Death Comes Ripping played. Misfits cover band? Awesome. I love the Misfits. So I stood in the front row and sang all the songs and got covered in fake blood that was spewed from the mouth of Justin and I even got to be one of those lammerzzz who sings into the mic when the singer of a band holds it into the crowd! GEE WHIZ! Finished the beers we bought, talked to Justin, got a ride home! Yippee! Only bad part about last night: I got fake blood in my keyboard of my computer I think so my P key is sort of stuck and I've gotta press it real hard to make it work. This Friday=Kwinzee show and stuffs. We made enough money last night to get there and back and eat and I think that's great.
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drunk Hungover a little bit
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Blood on the Wall
* * *
I was just realizing today again how a lot of times I get really close to people and then all of a sudden they seem to drop off the face of the earth and they go from being something I rely on to something that I never come into contact with. This happens to me a lot. I could come up with a long list of people who at one point I was unable to imagine my life without that I haven't spoken to in months/years. Sometimes I think that that means there is something wrong with me. And that got me to thinking: who of the few people that I consider necessary in my life will I not be speaking to in six months? Should I even bother to think that I can form meaningful relationships with people? The fact that people's presence in my life is so transient tells me no.

I don't know why I was thinking about that just now.

P.S. I really like Antony and the Johnsons right now.

P.P.S. I'm playing a show at an actual venue on Monday. I shall be performing on the same stage that I saw the Suicide Girls on. Too bad The Cockblocks suck so much ass. Come to the Highdive on Halloween!
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contemplative contemplative
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Antony and the Johnsons
* * *
Well some stuff happened, I guess. Here is what has happened and my thoughts on the events...
1) My beloved chihuahua, Kermit, has passed away. This news does not come as a complete shock, as he was 14 years old, but it still saddens me a great deal. Kermit was the best chihuahua in the world and I loved him. I like to think he is in doggy heaven along with Samson, his best pal ever. R.I.P., my little muchacho.
2) Christine is moving out. This saddens me too, I guess. I never really see her, and apparently a nice British student is moving in. His name is Tom, and he is good people. Here is a picture of my next semester roomate situation:

As you can see, he is fun-lovin' and that's pretty sweet.
3) Paul is gone for a while. He left Urbana this morning and will soon make the journey to the faraway state of Georgia. Maybe he'll come back with a sweet southern accent and we will sit on the porch and drink sweet tea together when he comes back.

4) I work a lot. I like it a lot, but I'm noticing that it is getting increasingly hard to do anything in the morning without an appropriate dose of caffeine. For the record, "my drink" has become 4 shots of espresso with around 3 oz. of cold vanilla soymilk. I find that this combination allows me to taste the quality of my shots, but without having to burn my mouth on hot shots and witout the hassle of steaming milk. I basically love espresso.

5) We made some enchiladas on Saturday. We made up the recipe, and named them "Satan Face Enchiladas". They kick my ass and are far too delicious for words.
6) I got invited to a Halloween party that someone from work is throwing. I'm pretty down with my co-workers so I think I'll go but need a sweet costume.
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blah blah
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Thursday- The Cranes
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